Study Tour Programs
Education by Recreation's Study Tour Programs are a great opportunity for students of all ages to meet other international students, improve their English or any other skill they require and experience the many wonders within Australia. The aim is to build in people of all ages and cultures, a stronger understanding of themselves as individuals, each other as human beings and the world around them.

By using unique educational techniques we make learning a fun and exciting experience. We cover a wide range of programs, each involving interactive activities in an environment which includes the use of nature, sports and teamwork. Although we believe that classrooms and computers are still an essential part of our lives, through the hands on practical experience of staff, their skill building and on-location activities, we are able to introduce new and innovative ways of learning with maximum results.

Right through the programs, we are encouraging a better future for our children in today's world. Our new age learning techniques or what can be seen as going back to the "basics of life", encourage students to look forward to the future, equip them with the knowledge to deal with the future and to have the courage to take it with both hands. Participants have the added advantage, that due to our global recognition, they will often be interacting with international students from a variety of countries, encouraging cultural awareness and understanding as well, further enhancing their future choices.

Traditional program including ESL, activities and homestay
Environmental program including lectures, activities and homestay

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